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SOC-as-a-Service is the Way To Go For Today’s Businesses

October 6, 2022 | by Manish Chasta

Many companies today are already turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs) to carry out specific security efforts or even go as far as outsourcing all of their IT operations. The demand for round-the-clock system monitoring is expanding as a result of the increased dependency of many businesses on technology and sensitive data. This constant monitoring and other continuous cybersecurity management activities are offered by managed security services.

Organizations seeking a practical approach to manage security operations at a reasonable cost now have more opportunities thanks to the cloud migration and the development of MSSPs. The MSSPs offer managed SOCs or SOC-as-a-Service with cyber security experts to monitor log data, systems, the cloud environment, and networks. Hiring personnel with particular skill sets to run an internal SOC is no longer a problem.

Advantages of SOC-as-a-Service

Enterprises can no longer afford to ignore the need for a cyber security specialist given the persistent threat of network attacks. However, having an in-house tech-team for a dedicated management of the infrastructure security may sound ideal, but may turn infeasible. Hiring an entire team of experienced security professionals who can manage an entire security setup takes a very high cost. Also, the security industry is struggling with the shortage of skilled security professionals, which is not helping the situation. Again, it needs not just skills and experience to manage infrastructure security, but the availability of solutions, and resources to circumvent around the ever-evolving threat vectors.

For SMEs, particularly, this kind of setup is better outsourced than to invest. Some of the notable benefits of Managed SOC include:

Continual surveillance of security-related attacks

MSSPs offers the firm with context on security events and incidents through the use of illuminating dashboards. MSSP services lighten the load on security personnel and automate the process of threat detection and response. With 24-hour monitoring of security events, it offers vision through a single pane of glass. MSSPs may detect breaches as they happen and even use penetration testing to assess the robustness of firewalls. An organization’s reputation can be destroyed if a security breach is discovered after the fact for firms that handle huge amounts of confidential or proprietary data.

Enhanced scalability and automated threat detection

With the utilization of the cloud, the Internet of Things, and the remote workforce, businesses are growing swiftly. The outsourced cloud-based SOC service is a scalable answer to suit an organization’s requirements. A threat intelligence platform is used by MSSPs to automate the threat detection process and offer context for occurrences. MSSPs can share notifications with assigned actions in real-time thanks to automation.

Outsourcing SOC is cost effective than in-house SOC

In the long run, it is challenging to operate an internal SOC and maintain it due to its complexity. The Managed SOC is a cost-effective solution because businesses only have to pay MSSPs for the equipment, services, and licenses they have outsourced. It minimizes the organization’s capital and operational costs. Not only are MSSPs less expensive, but outsourced teams can do tasks more quickly and effectively than in-house teams can.

Offers automation and enhanced security

By automating cloud deployment, the step of setting up firewalls is eliminated. When shipping security appliances to clients, MSSPs can pre-configure them in the cloud so that they can be quickly turned on with an internet connection. Without setting up a full layer of orchestration for each customer, MSSPs deploy various incident response and orchestration modules.

More Prompt Incident Response

MSSPs offer more rapid intrusion detection and reaction. Most businesses that have undergone digital transformation experience attacks frequently. Given how frequently these efforts fail, it’s simple to ignore the facts. However, it only takes one successful infiltration to bring down an organization

MSSPs offer a range of advantages to businesses, including cost-savings, increased security, improved IT performance, and cutting-edge technology. They will ensure that businesses are safe from outside threats. MSSPs will utilize proven, validated, and integrated technologies to safeguard business. Organizations’ IT departments can concentrate on more strategic security initiatives if they outsource their SOC. MSSPs will concentrate on evaluating vulnerabilities and monitoring the organization’s network. Every day, there are more and more dangers to security. Thus, having a strong security staff is crucial. Organizations should think about employing an MSSP if they lack a strong internal security staff.

Manish Chasta
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