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What to look for in a SOCaaS provider

Selecting Your Managed SOC Provider: What You Need to Know 

February 27, 2024

SOCaaS, or Security Operations Center as a Service, alters the traditional approach to cybersecurity and answers the question, 'What is Security Operations Center?' by offering continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response services on a subscription-based model. Choosing the right SOC service model for your organization involves evaluating various factors to ensure that the chosen SOC-as-a-service provider aligns with your business' unique needs. Whether opting for an in-house SOC team, leveraging an outsourced SOC, or integrating SOC-as-a-Service, the focus should be on a provider's proficiency in cybersecurity, threat intelligence, incident response, and vulnerability management. The goal is to entrust your organization's security to a SOC provider that meets security standards like ISO 27001 and NIST and turns alerts into actionable insights, minimizing false positives and effectively managing threats and attacks to safeguard your critical business assets.

SOCaaS offers a more flexible and cost-effective solution to in-house or outsourced models by providing scalable, expert-driven cybersecurity services that eliminate the need for significant upfront investment in resources and personnel.

What are key factors for selecting a Managed SOC Provider?

Key features to consider while choosing a managed SOC provider

It is essential for organizations to carefully consider key aspects of a Managed SOC provider while selecting to ensure it meets their cybersecurity needs effectively.

  1. Continuous 24×7 Monitoring: A provider must offer round-the-clock monitoring to detect and respond to threats in real-time, ensuring your organization's security is never compromised.
  2. Rapid Incident Response: The ability to quickly react to security incidents is vital. A managed SOC should offer fast incident response times to minimize potential damage via cyberattacks.
  3. Compliance and Regulatory Standards Support: Ensure the provider has a strong track record of helping businesses meet compliance and regulatory requirements, safeguarding sensitive data, and maintaining security standards.
  4. Security Features for Data Protection: The SOC provider must offer advanced security features for comprehensive data protection, including encryption, threat intelligence, analytics, and incident responders skilled in the detection and management of cybersecurity incidents.
  5. Transparent Communication: Clear and open communication channels between the SOC provider and the client are essential for trust and efficiency. This communication includes regular updates on threat detection, incident management, and remediation efforts.
  6. Integration with Existing Cybersecurity Controls: The SOC service should seamlessly integrate with your current security technologies, including firewalls, endpoint protection, and vulnerability management systems, to enhance your security posture.
  7. Domain-Specific Expertise: Providers should possess expertise specific to your industry, understanding unique threat landscapes and compliance standards like ISO 27001 and NIST.
  8. Scalability: As your business grows, your cybersecurity needs will evolve. Choose a SOC provider that offers scalable services to accommodate changing security requirements.
  9. Predictable Pricing Model: Cost-effective solutions with transparent pricing help organizations manage operating expenses without sacrificing security quality. Look for SOC-as-a-service providers that offer predictable pricing models.
  10. Customizable Service Offerings: Look for SOC services customizable to your organization's unique needs, providing flexibility and ensuring you only pay for what you truly need.
  11. Geographical Redundancy and Certified Staff: Providers offering geographical redundancy ensure continuous service availability, and their certified staff manage your security operations with expertise.
  12. Financial Stability and Industry Expertise: Choose a provider with a solid financial background and proven expertise in cybersecurity, indicating reliability and a deep understanding of cyber threats and attack mitigation strategies.

Eventus Security stands out amongst competitors by offering a SOC solution that seamlessly integrates Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology, providing an unmatched level of security monitoring, threat detection, and incident response across all digital fronts. Our unique edge lies in our expertise in Cyber Defense Consulting (CDC), where we craft bespoke security strategies that are resilient and adaptive to new threats. We prioritize transparent communication and offer scalable, customizable security solutions designed to meet the distinct needs of each organization. With Eventus Security, businesses gain a reliable partner committed to safeguarding their digital assets with cutting-edge technology and strategic foresight, ensuring they stay ahead in the cybersecurity arena.

Jay Thakker
7 + years in application security with having extensive experience in implementing effective breach and attack simulation strategies to protect against cyber threat. Skilled in Threat Hunting techniques to proactively identify and neutralize emerging threats.
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