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Strategies for Overcoming Resource Limitations in Threat Detection and Response

April 24, 2023


Lack of adequate resources and a robust security system can become the top challenge for cyber professionals and SOC teams to defend the network security and ecosystem. Cyber attackers are outpacing organisational capabilities to protect themselves against manipulation and data theft within their ecosystem. Many organisational response teams stated that cyberattacks have become more prevalent than ever. Without updated resources, an organisation might be vulnerable to cybercrimes. Thus, to defend against such circumstances, security professionals must remedy their lack of experience and employ all the protective measures mentioned in this article.


Challenges posed by resource limitations in detection and response

The lack of security tools and not leveraging the latest technologies is the life-and-death challenge security teams face in detecting and responding to cyberattacks. When SOC teams and security professionals deal with rapidly moving attacks like ransomware, phishing, and SQL injection attacks, they come up against a double-edged sword. A robust security expert team with no skill gaps and high experience can create standards of cyber defence and cyber hygiene as a state of coverage. It will drive modifications in cybersecurity.


Adopting the following security measures can help organisations tackle resource limitation issues:

Prioritisation –

Since data is the asset of every organisation, it opens the door for cyber attackers to target, breach, and steal information. Prioritising all cyber risks and implementing adequate measures against them by drawing in-depth insight can protect an organisation's security. Often cybersecurity teams encounter multiple cyber threats at the same time. Thus, in such situations, we, as SOCaaS, provide solutions like prioritising risks based on the level of impact. It eventually minimises the loss and adverse effects on the organisation's ecosystem. 

Automation –

Today's businesses are facing constant threats. Due to these increasing volumes and complications in cyberattacks, not adopting adequate security measures and human errors can have adverse effects. It can have a significant impact on the stable condition, reputation, and budget of an organisation. Automation is the technique that lessens human errors and increases the chances of consistent performance by eliminatiming mistakes. AI-based technology leverages automatic cybersecurity systems that are an ideal way of reducing cyber threats and overcoming a lack of resources.  

Outsourcing –

Outsourcing is one of the best and easiest solutions meant for businesses and organisations to implement high-tech and secured security measures. Clients or businesses having limited resources can benefit from using the service of a third-party certified Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). We can help customers to bridge the gap and monitor their networks with a robust MSSP system and proactive measures. 

Leverage existing tools –

Leveraging existing security solutions in an ideal way can boost an organisation's security posture. Implementing new security solutions with the existing tools can reduce disruption. Also, organisations can bolster their security teams by adding more security experts who can help reach, respond, and recover from cyber breaches more efficiently.

Cloud-based solutions –

Many organisations directly depend on cloud solutions for running their business. Along with this flexibility, they can implement cloud-based solutions to deal with challenges posed by limited resources. They can leverage on-demand security solutions and tools from third-party service providers like us. 

Training –

Growing knowledge and skills among security teams through training can undoubtedly build robust and hard-fought security environments within an organisation. Finding the best personnel who can train security teams is no mean feat. Organisations must train their security teams with trusted cybersecurity solutions partners who can handle all the security needs and equip more generalised threat detection and response training. 

Standardisation –

Implementing the right security resources and tools with proper guidelines can improve the security posture of every organisation. These include security standards outlined to make cybersecurity solutions explicit and for their ideal implementation.

Collaboration –

Collaborating with other corporations can help an organisation learn from threats suffered by the victim parties and gain insights with proactive solutions defending against such threats. It bolsters and protects the organisation's security by bridging the unknown security gap by working with other security teams and professionals.


Detection and response can be complex without proper resources, security tools, and expertise. Defending against escalating cyberattacks with limited resources can be more challenging. All the above measures can cater to the need for robust security solutions and improve the posture of organisations seeking to protect their digital and cloud-based information.

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