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Customer Success

Customer Success is at the core of everything we do at Eventus. Customer Success starts with a proactive approach to working with the customers. Hence, we focus on creating value at all stages of the customer journey.

Why is Customer Success more important now than ever?

An outcome-oriented approach that looks at identifying and addressing the gap between expected outcomes from the vendor's perspective and mapping it to customer expectations. The role of the Customer Success is to partner with the vendor to drive adoption so that the value the customer gets from the purchase is maximized and the vendor in turn benefits as the customer is more inclined to renew the subscription in full and in many cases to subscribe to even more services.
Customer journey image
We at Eventus believe that highly satisfied customers can bring more value to business also the cost of acquiring a new customer is comparatively very high. Hence, we focus on creating value at all stages of the customer journey, be it prospecting, onboarding, engaging, or expanding product usage. Proof of value, deployment, adoption and migration success, product efficacy and expanding use are critical part of it and we at Eventus master this by combination well-defined customer success process, a highly trained team of customer success managers and use of Automated CX tools.
Customer success team focus right prospecting, high touch onboarding, engaging, or expanding existing product usage
Proof of value, deployment and migration success, product effectiveness are the critical part of Customer success.
Continuous engagement with the vendor or key stakeholders to showcase the value of the product via EBR (Executive Business Review)
Highly trained team of customer success and automated CX tools to overall elevate the customer experience.

Customer Success Engagement model

We already support more than 100+ customers in their product journey and help them realize the true potential of their security tools and technology.

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