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Ransomware Combat Services

Eventus skilled Ransomware Combat Services Team acts quickly to remove ransomware, reduce legal liability risk and secure your IT infrastructure from future attacks.
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We work meticulously with you to resolve and recover from attacks

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts your data forcefully and denies your access to it.The attacker demands a ransom from the victim, with the promise to restore access to the data upon payment.

Every Second Counts when your systems are compromised

When a cyber emergency occurs or there is a disruption to the business due to Cyber attack or Ransomware attack, our multiple teams will come in action very quickly with a pre-defined execution plan.
We minimize the business impact of a cyber-attack by recovering quickly with an orchestrated approach and experts who can help reduce incident response time, minimize breach impact, performing deep investigation and help you recover faster.

Why Eventus

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10 min to respond to case; 
2 Hours Average time to onboard a customer.
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Majority of customers are triaged in three days or less
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Emergency Response Team available around the clock to help you in real time
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First Responder as a service to take complete end to end ownership

Key Services

First Responder As a Service
Quick Impact Analysis
Log collection
Restore the data Assistance
Isolation or Containment Assistance
Case handover to Investigation Team for further investigation and Forensic analysis
24X7 Service
Easy to log case
Response from IR expert within 10 min around the clock
24x7x365 Incident Monitoring
Post remediation continuous monitoring to prevent further damage.
Ransomware Removal
Scanning impacted environment / systems to check Ransomware presence
Ransomware Removal
Backdoor scanning and blocking
Identify and block suspected communication with malicious domain/IP
Readiness Assessments
Health Checkup
Gap Assessment
Maturity or readiness assessment
Improve maturity to the level where IR is doable
Deep Forensics
Root Cause Analysis
Detailed impact analysis (Business impact, reputation impact, technical impact)
Forensic Investigation and lateral movement analysis
Evidence Collection (Optional) for legal and Insurance claim purposes
Post Remediation Plan
Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
Breach Attack Simulation (One time)
Hardening assessment (Impacted Assets)
Regular Tabletop exercise
Continuous Security Validation


Ransomware Response

What you'll get
Threat containment
Threat hunting
Digital forensics
Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Malware analysis
Remediation & Recovery guidance
Reports tailored to your organization.
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Ransomware Readiness

What you'll get
Tabletop Exercise
Maturity Assessment
Ransomware Simulation Assessment
IR Plans and Playbooks
24/7/365 Assistance
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Under Attack ?
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